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New 2018 32 Thirty Two Womens Lashed Double Boa Snowboard Boots

New 2018 32 Thirty Two Womens Lashed Double Boa Snowboard Boots

Stunning Stylish Snowboarding boots from 32 Thirty Two new for the 2018 Snowboarding Season
They were shipped out to family members in Alberta for an early Xmas Present as the family have already started their skiing season

Charlie loved the boots she started snowboarding last year and has really taken to it
We never told her the boots were going to be delivered so when they arrived she was so so so happy couldn't belive it. " Her words were they are awesome, Wow"
She has been using them all week, when we asked her to report back to us she said she loved the boa system on the laces so easy and so much more versatile as boots do tend to slack off a bit and you can easily tighten these even when snowboarding without stopping. Comfort level, extreme comfort and only having to wear one pair of socks is a huge bonus. The Grip is fantastic she loved everything about the boots, easy to clean, great colour there wasn't one negative comment so Thirty Two you have done a grand job.

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