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Netball - 29. November 2011.

Netball's hottest competition heads to New Zealand

World Netball Series, the thrilling showcase competition for the world's
most important women's team sport, will be coming to Auckland, New
Zealand, in November 2012.  The International Federation of Netball
Associations (IFNA) today announced that Netball New Zealand has been
awarded the right to host the three-day competition from 9-11 November.
The tournament will take place at the superb Vector Arena in Auckland.

The top six netball teams in the world, by IFNA ranking, will compete in
the Fast Net format which is fast, furious and fun.  Fast Net, developed
by IFNA in collaboration with the best teams in the world, is a
high-speed, high-octane variant on the traditional game.  Since its
launch in 2009 it has proved a hit with players and spectators,
including an international TV audience.

The Honourable Molly Rhone, President of IFNA, said:  "I am delighted
to confirm that next year's competition will be held at the Vector Arena
in Auckland.  New Zealand loves netball and will be excellent hosts for
this thrilling competition.  We are really looking forward to bringing
Fast Net to Auckland next November. The Fast Net Ferns have won World
Netball Series in 2009 and 20I0 and will be keen to regain the title in

Further information relating to the event will be released by Netball
New Zealand.

World Netball Series

The World Netball Series is a new event created to showcase netball to
the world using a new set of rules. The Fast Net format provides a fast,
dynamic and exciting environment for players and spectators.

The main rule changes are as follows:

-      shorter quarters - 4 x 6 minute quarters rather than 15 minutes

-      Power Play - a team can have one quarter where their goals will
count for double points.

-      Long shots - goals can be scored from outside the circle and are
worth double points.

-      Rolling substitutions - teams can make an unlimited number of
substitutions whilst play is in progress.

-      Centre passes - are taken by the team who conceded the last goal
rather than alternating between the teams

-      Coaching - is allowed during the game from the marked coaching

-      Time outs - all injury stoppages are limited to 30 seconds.

Fast Net made its international debut at in October 2009 in Manchester
and was held in Liverpool in 2010 and 2011. The new format has been a
resounding success with huge demand for Fast Net competitions.

For further details please visit:  www.worldnetballseries.com


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