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Windsurfing - 06. August 2007.

NeilPryde is proud to announce the launch of the 2008 NeilPryde Windsurfing Collection


ZEN is a manoeuvre oriented free-riding concept developed to offer a new level of versatility and performance. With each of the five sizes designed around a single mast and boom, each ZEN sail has been optimised for performance across a wide range of conditions and rider abilities. The Zen concept is one of simplicity without compromise.

The HELLCAT is a no-cam freerace sail designed for speed and acceleration so whether you’re blasting with your friends, or fine tuning your slalom gybes, the HELLCAT is one hot ride!

The V8 represents the perfect balance of high end performance, solid low-end power and easy handling which now, with the introduction of PWA race proven UltraCam Technology, features such dramatically improved rotation at the gybes that you will have to remind yourself that you are using a sail with cambers in it.

We hope you enjoy reviewing our new sails as much as our team enjoyed developing them and invite you to find out more about the entire NeilPryde Windsurfing range at www.neilpryde.com. Be sure to check the site regularly as we continue to add new content over the coming weeks.



Loved by the NeilPryde team for its simplicity, ZEN is a manoeuvre oriented free-riding concept that offers incredible versatility without compromising on performance.

Durable construction and solid low-end performance characteristics combined with manoeuvrability means the ZEN can handle small waves and basic freestyle while effortless planing makes flatwater sailing fun.

Best of all, each of the 5 sail sizes rig on a 430cm mast and 160cm boom. This makes the ZEN ideal for those looking to advance their crossover sailing skills, those getting into the sport or just looking to minimise their gear for travel or recreational use.

Visit www.neilpryde.com to find out more, or head to your local NeilPryde Dealer today to Experience ZEN.

ZEN: Key Facts
  • The ZEN is a brand new sail in the NeilPryde Crossover collection.
  • The ZEN is available in 5 sizes – 4.9, 5.5, 6.1, 6.7 and 7.2.
  • All ZEN sails rig on a 430cm mast and a 160cm boom.
  • The ZEN is available in 2 colourways: C1 – copper & C3 - Aqua

The HELLCAT’S camberless design is optimised for acceleration and speed. It’s proving to be very seductive with steady demand since its first introduction in June. So make sure you get acquainted with NeilPryde’s newest flatwater sail today.

To find out more and for your chance to win a HELLCAT or a limited edition HELLCAT poster check out www.neilpryde.com. Entries close 31 August 2007.

The UltraCam has undoubtedly given the NeilPryde international team a distinct advantage on the race course, and now you too can enjoy the benefits of this innovative new technology with the 2008 V8.

With one less batten than in 2007, the V8 is now lighter and more responsive than ever before, and with the introduction of UltraCam Performance Technology, now offers dramatically improved rotation and gybing performance than previously possible in a cambered sail.

With 2 cambers, a midsize luff pocket, and softer rotation the V8 represents the perfect balance between high performance, solid low-end power and easy handling.

Visit www.neilpryde.com to find out more.



Don’t miss the new NeilPryde Wave Tuning Guide where Pieter Bijl from the NeilPryde Design Centre gives you some tips on choosing the right wave sail. Pieter is then joined by TeamPryde pro riders Jason Polakow and Robby Swift to go over some key tuning tips for each of the three wave sails in the 2008 range.

To watch the video, visit the multimedia section of any NeilPryde Wave Sail on www.neilpryde.com.

The principles of rigging any camberless sail is the same – regardless of the model you have – so if your NeilPryde sail does not use cambers be sure to watch the new rigging and de-rigging videos for camberless sails – and make sure that you get the longest life possible out of your sail.

To watch the video visit the multimedia section of any one of NeilPryde’s Wave, Crossover or HELLCAT sails at www.neilpryde.com.


A new Crossover action video is now available on www.neilpryde.com. Coming shortly will be new Wave & Flatwater action video as well as an introduction to the 2008 collection by NeilPryde’s Sail Designer, Robert Stroj.

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