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Snowboarding - 08. February 2008.

Mueller wins Race to the Cup

PARK CITY, Utah (Feb. 6) - It was a victorious day Wednesday for Erica Mueller (Steamboat Springs, CO) when she won the U.S. Snowboarding's Race to the Cup Series at Park City Mountain Resort. with U.S. Snowboarding teammate Michelle Gorgone (Boston) in second. Karol Sztokfisz of Poland finished third.

Erica Mueller/U.S. Snowboarding Photo © Jonathan Selkowitz/Selkophoto

"It was pretty good [to win]," Mueller said. "Actually, just the other day Justin and I were talking about how I haven't won a race in a couple of years and I said I really needed to do that again. I'd been on the podium but I hadn't won, so it was pretty cool to come out on top."

According to Mueller, while she anticipated the storm they had to compete in, with her experience in those conditions, she wasn't thrown off.

"I knew it was going to be soft but I'm used to that, being from Steamboat, and you just ride the ride and do what you have to do to get to the bottom without falling on your rear," Mueller said.

The Race to the Cup series continues in Park City Thursday with men's and women's giant slalom. "It will be a lighter day of racing. Instead of taking 10 runs we only have to take two so that will be a nice change of pace for us," Mueller said.

"I am hoping to win again. I tend to be more of a slalom rider, so today was awesome and I hope to bring that into GS and build my confidence for the World Cup."

Race to the Cup
Park City Mountain Resort
Park City, UT - Feb. 6, 2008
Parallel Slalom

1. Erica Mueller, Steamboat Springs, CO
2. Michelle Gorgone, Boston
3. Karol Sztokfisz, Poland
4. Lilian Halme, Canada
5. Jessie Hazen, Denver
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