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Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra


I love it, Fiona has back adjustment, but each strap can also be adjusted separately, making a perfect fit.  Moving Comfort also make them by the cup size, just like regular bras, so you will not be stuck choosing a S-M-L-XL size.  

This sports bra is not cheap, but it doesn’t look dowdy (like a lot of sports bras targeted for those with bigger boobs do), it's a very trendy design and one you could wear without a t-shirt and on-one would know the difference.  The Fiona minimizes the bouncing completely.

Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
•Interior front yoke limits vertical breast movement
• Front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure for easy, cutom-fit adjustability
• Flattering exterior design lines add support and shape
• Adjustable back closure for easy on/off and custom-fit adjustability

Full - medium cup size
• Encapsulation/compression style
• Moderate contour for slightly more shape and modesty
• High impact, ideal for running, soccer, horseback riding, tennis

*Tip:Because of its incredible fit, this is the go-to bra for fantastic B-DD support


Body: DriLayer® X-Support 88% polyester / 12% Lycra®

Care instructions

• Wash every 1-3 wears

• Fasten the hooks and use a lingerie bag when washing

• Hang dry or tumble dry low

• Never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners

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