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Other Sports - 26. July 2007.

Mongol Rally 10,000 miles of bad roads, non-existent roads, mountain

The Mongol Rally challenges almost 200 teams from countries around the world
to drive from London to Mongolia in cars most people wouldn¹t use for the
shopping run. Each team has to raise at least £1000 for the rally charities
which is donated directly to the awesome projects that benefit communities
along the route and in Mongolia.


L-R) Anna Walker and Jessica Black of Going Walkabout/photo onEditon

The Mongol Rally started in 2004 with just 6 cars and now is a 200-strong
collection of teams from round the world who need more from their summer
holiday. Not interested in sitting around on the beach, they will be driving
a third of the way round the planet in a tiny 1-litre car, and raising huge
sums of money for charity.

Some of the teams are making it even harder for themselves. Brothers Wayne
and Andrew Barrett from Yorkshire are taking on the trip on Monkey Bikes,
dressed in spandex suits as The Incredibles.

Another team from Yorkshire are taking an Ice Cream van! Other bizarre
choices include a Bedford Rascal van with 5 Americans travelling in it, a
mini and a London Black Cab (they¹re running a guess-the-fare competition
from London to the capital of Mongolia).

The principle charity supported by the Mongol Rally is Mercy Corps. Mercy
Corps works around the world but the money from the Mongol Rally will fund
their incredible Mongolian projects that make a significant difference
throughout the country.

The other official charities are CAMDA and Christina Noble¹s Children
Foundation who work in Mongolia, Hope and Homes for Children and their
projects in Eastern Europe and SWORDE-Teppa¹s excellent projects in
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