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Netball - 24. January 2020.

MoJoAFRICA to support the Mary Waya Netball Academy, Malawi.

The Women's Sports Network launches MoJoAFRIC to support the Mary Waya Netball Academy, Malawi 


Today, in the build up to the #NETBALL Nation's Cup finals, WSNet launches a pilotFUNDRAISE to TRANSLATE & ADAPT NETBALLMoJo into Chichewa (Malawian national language) - and help bring some of the enthusiasm and fun to girls in AFRICA

  • NETBALLMoJo . . .  . . . is an inspiring educational resource that has been  voluntarily written by top sport scientists, leading coaches and women with information on how to be the best netballer they can be, while also gently building confidence to tackle specific female challenges in sport & life.
  • The challenges in Malawi . . . The challenges facing women and girls in Malawi are very different from our young women in Europe and USA. WSNet's “High 5!” programme can translate and transition NETBALLMoJo to inspire young women in Malawi to be great netballers but also adapt NETBALLMoJo to help deal with cultural issues around child marriage/'beading', FGM and safeguarding. Malawi is not only the third poorest country in the world but also has slow and expensive internet - making it difficult for rural communities to get this information.

MoJoAFRICA High5 - will translate & extend NETBALLMoJo into Chichewa, Malawi’s national language to cover 'local/cultural' issues in Africa such as child marriage, safeguarding, FGM, basic personal hygiene & health protection - problems simply not encountered in 'western communities'.

“With help NETBALLMoJo can become a powerful tool to EDUCATE – girls in ‘third world communities’ - but more importantly it can EMPOWER girls, overcome 'fear of judgement' & build confidence through netball that can be taken into their everyday lives & careers.” Say’s Paul Reynolds, Communications Director at WSNet.

MoJoAFRICA will help focus the potential netball offers to empower girls across Africa.
Supporting Mary Waya in Malawi is just the start of a series of programmes WSNet is rolling out across AFRICA in the lead up to the next Netball World Cup in Cape Town 2023 - www.wsnet.co.uk/MoJoAFRICA

Fundraising link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/womenssports-network-mojoafrica

For a media/evaluation copy of 
NETBALLMoJo - please email your street address to jo.c@wsnet.co.uk 

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