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- 15. August 2007.

Meteksan Archery World Cup - Stage 4 - Dover (GBR) - 31 July-5 August 200

Banerjee wins Gold/photo FITA

Semi-Final: Zhang (CHN) vs Mospinek (POL)

The archers compete in alternate shooting. Zhang opens the day with 9-8-9 and scores 26. Her opponent from Poland shoots 7-9-9 and trails by 1 point (25). They both shoot an 8 and a 10 with their fourth and fifth arrows. Then Mospinek scores a low 7, and Zhang take a 3-point lead with a 9 (53-50). The Pole starts the second half of the match with 9-10-10 (79) and recovers two points after her opponent shoots 9-10-8 (80). Only three arrows to go... Both shoot 9 with their tenth arrow. The two archers again score 9 points on their penultimate shot and Zhang keeps her 1-point advantage. Mospinek loses all hopes of recovery when she scores an 8 with her last arrow of the match. The Chinese scores a 9 and will shoot for gold later on. Final score: 107-105.

Semi-Final: Cwienczek (POL) vs Banerjee (IND)

This match is a key-match in the race for the World Cup Final in November. If Banerjee wins it, she qualifies for Dubai. If Cwienczek wins, she has still a chance to go to the World Cup Final, but she then needs to win the gold final... The Polish archer opens this duel with a perfect 10! Her Indian opponent scores a 9 - just out of the 10 ring - with her first arrow. Cwienczek takes a 3-point advantage after the first end by 28-25. However, she then releases a pretty bad series with 7-6-9 (50), and Banerjee takes this opportunity to turn the tables on her with 9-10-9 and 53 points. Cwienczek sinks even more in the third end with 7-8-9 (74), while her contender shoots 8-10-10 (81). The last end does not change anything with both archers scoring 9-8-10. It is Banerjee who goes on the gold final here, and she therefore also gets her ticket to the World Cup Final in Dubai! Final score: 108-101.

Bronze Final: Mospinek (POL) vs Cwienczek (POL)

Poland will have the bronze medal, but which of this two archers will step on the podium today? Better start for Cwienczek with 10-9-10 (29 out of a possible 30). Her team-mate trails by 1 point with 8-10-10 (28). Mospinek manages to tie the score at the half-way mark, shooting 9-9-10 while Cwienczek shoots a triple 9 (56 points each). Both score 9 and 9, and it is Mospinek who breaks the tie with her ninth arrow: 9-8 (83-82). The score is tied with two arrows to go, as Mospinek shoots an 8 and Cwienczek a 9 (91-91). The latter eventually makes the difference with two final 10s. Mospinek cannot do better than a double 9 and concedes the bronze to her team-mate by 109-111.

Gold Final: Zhang (CHN) vs Banerjee (IND)

Seeded no. 1 Zhang faces no. 2 Banerjee in this gold medal match. It is the Chinese who shoots first and she opens with an 8. Her contender shoots a 9 and takes the lead. With two additional 10s, Banerjee doubles her advantage with 29 versus Zhang's 27. The Indian keeps going with two 10s and a 9 to increase her lead. The Chinese for her part shoots 9-10-9 and trails by 3 points at the half-way mark (55-58). The difference remains with three arrows to go with both archers shooting a 27 end (82-85). Zhang recovers a little in the last end, but Banerjee controls the match and clinches her first World Cup title on the final score of 111-110.

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