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Netball - 08. February 2011.

Mavericks defeat Storm in Monday night thriller

1930, Monday 7th February

A brisk start by the Hertfordshire Mavericks saw them storm into a 
five goal lead against a mis-firing Surrey.  The home side just 
couldn’t get possession and after taking the ball seemingly at will 
Mavericks delivered it to their shooters - Louisa Brownfield and 
Monique Wood were only too happy to pop it in the net.  More than one 
Maverick got on the wrong side of New Zealander Faye Meicklejohn who 
was taking no lip from protesting players, punishing them by advancing 
their opponents up the court where necessary, and that on a night when 
she was awarded her International Standard.  Rose Morgan Smith was 
highly active and in one move pulled off an outrageous catch and pass 
mid air on the circle edge delivering the ball perfectly to her 
waiting shooter.  And while Hannah Reid and Katy Holland were making 
it tough for the Mavericks attack it was the other defensive trio of 
Keable, Guscoth and Buchanan who were making the most impact. Surrey 
Storm trailed their London rivals 7 -12 at the end of the first quarter.

Quarter two and even the TV commentator Charlie Brougham was on his 
feet to get a better view of a cracking game of netball for fans. 
There were errors but it made the match more unpredictable.  The 
biggest battle was under the Storm post where England team-mates 
Rachel Dunn and Lindsay Keable were locked in a  territorial dispute. 
After sliding six goals behind at 8-14 Storm finally seemed to 
recognise the danger their opponents presented and rallied; slowly 
they hauled themselves back into contention. Dunn found more 
possession by making a move around the circle. A medical time-out for 
treatment to Louisa Brownfield, who stayed on court, did little to 
halt the come-back as Storm moved just one goal behind.  But more 
sterling defensive work from the Mavericks stemmed the flow and they 
led 24-20 at half-time.

Camilla Buchanan took over the C bib for the Hertfordshire based side 
at the start of the third quarter with Georgie Schmidt taking on the 
WD duties and Mavericks pressed on, with five minutes to play they 
were seven in front. The visitors attacking play had more dynamism and 
vim and they were taking their chances better than Storm. They moved 
eight ahead in the quarter and going into the last 15 minutes it was 
Storm 30 Hertfordshire Mavericks 35.

Mary Beardwood made changes in the last quarter, Rhiane McHale on at 
GA for Gemma Consentino, Natalie Seaton moved to GD and Steff Bello 
came on at WD.  The final quarter was an elastic one, with the 
Hertfordshire outfit unable to pull clean away.  Layla Guscoth was 
named player of the match but it was a hard call with some excellent 
play at times from all the Mavericks.

Hertfordshire Mavericks head coach Maggie Jackson:
Hertfordshire Mavericks player of the match Layla Guscoth
Surrey Storm head coach Mary Beardwood:
Surrey Storm Captain Louisa Brownfield

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