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Gymnastics - 05. October 2013.

Maroney and Huang are World Champions!

This was definitely a battle between the two Americans, McKayla Maroney and Simone Biles. And at this game, MARONEY was better.

Her first vault was a sky high Amanar, her signature move. She almost stuck the landing but had to cover it up. Her second vault, the one she missed at the Olympics, was very good. She showed a yurchenko half turn with one twist with just a step on the landing. Her score, 15.724, allowed her to retain the title she won in 2011.

Simone BILES (USA) almost stuck her Amanar. After Maroney, she probably has the cleanest vault. Her second vault, a yurchenko half turn with a half twist, was really good. She got 15.595, not enough to get the gold medal.

Un Jong HONG (PRK), the 2008 Olympic vault Champion, also performed an Amanar but had to take a big step. She then presented a yurchenko half turn with one and a half twist.

Giulia STEINGRUBER from Switzerland, was the first gymnast to go on vault, with a stuck front handspring with one and a half twist. Her second vault was a very good double twisting yurchenko. She got 15.233.

Crowd's favorite, Oksana CHUSOVITINA (UZB), 38 years old, was disapointed after her two vaults. She performed a front handspring Rudi but landed with a wide seperation on the leg and went off limits. As a second vault, she did a tsukahara one and a half twist, with a big step on the landing. Her average score: 14.583, not enough to get a medal.

Thi Ha Thanh PHAN (VIE) also performed a front hanspring with one and a half twist but had to take a step forward. Her second vault was supposed to be an Amanar, but unfortunately, she wasn't able to finish the twist and fell (14.299).

Yamilet PENA ABREU (DOM) performed her Produnova (front handspring double tuck), but she once again wasn't able to land properly. As a second vault, she did a double twisting yurchenko, but had to step back and fell (13.966).

Sad news for Chantysha NETTEB (NED), who got injured her knee on her first vault and wasn't able to perform her second vault.

 Women's Uneven bars final

Huidan HUANG took the Gold medal with clean execution and a stuck full twisting double tuck (15.400). Her teammate Jinnan YAO fell on her Mo salto, a release she performed with success all week (14.633).

Kyla ROSS (USA) showed beautiful lines on her Shaposhnikova with half turn. She hits all of her handstand positions and stuck her double layout dismount. She got 15.266 for second place.

Aliya MUSTAFINA (RUS), the bronze medalist in the all-around competition, performed a Shaposhnikova full turn and a good Tkatchev. She had to take a step on her double tuck with one and a half twist. Her score of 15.033 wasn’t enough for the gold. She ended in 3rd place.

Simone BILES (USA), the all-around champion, had some troubles on her full turn but managed to cover it up. She showed a beautiful piked Tkatchev and a full twisting double back (14.716)

The very surprising Sophie SCHEDER (GER), only 16 years old, performed very well for her first World Championships final. She showed a really good gienger and an almost stuck full twisting double tuck (14.683).

Rebecca DOWNIE (GBR) started very well on uneven bars with three different Tkatchev releases and a pak salto. She then fell on her toe on to half turn.  She took a step on her full twisting double tuck (13.800). Her teammate Ruby HARROLD (GBR) was the last gymnast to go and wowed the crowd with her difficult routine. She performed a toe on Shaposhnikova to pak salto with full turn, and a beautiful Jeager. She did a double front to finish (14.333).

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