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Lynx sports Bra


WSR are always happy to try out the new sports bra's from lessbounce.com.

The bra had been recommended especially for those ladies with larger breasts which suited our colleague Maddie very well.

I ran in the Leeds half Marathon a few weeks back and was thrilled that the delivery of our new bra arrived just in time. Being a D cup it's sometimes hard to find a decent bra and one that can cope with alot of weight. The bra's support was awesome. The bra is designed that most of the support comes from the sides and yes it really makes a difference. You could really feels an amazing difference. There no no chaffing as this was a new bra you can never tell. I was just thrilled it held up very well, no sweaty skin at all, it passed the test in my eyes and would definetly recommend this bra to my big breasted pals.

Lynx can be purchased from Lessbounce.com

Well done lynx


The NEW Lynx Sports Bras are based on a unique, patented design for the fuller bust.  Unlike any other sports bra on the market, the support comes from the side, rather than the shoulder and the rib cage.  As a result the sports bras are incredibly comfortable to wear, as they don't dig in on the ribs or the shoulders and ensure you can breathe easily, without any shoulder grooves.  The additional movement at the shoulder this creates makes it ideal for racquet sports or even swimming.

The bra is suitable for high impact activity in all sizes.  It is lightweight making it ideal for triathlon as it dries fast.  And it is machine washable (cold) and can even be tumble dried on a cold setting.  The bra can be worn on its own and this was part of the design ethos.  It is not a moulded or shaped bra style, the breasts are brought together at the front, but not squished.  The bra has one easy to fasten rear fastening

There are 3 styles of Lynx Sports Bras, the Sprint for smaller busts, the Dart for larger busts and the Zoom for larger busts still.  The Sprint and Dart are £45 and the Zoom £48.  The Lynx has its own unique sizing and to get the best fit please follow the measuring guide below:



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