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Billiards - 23. June 2009.

Lisa Marr Unstoppable for Her 1st OB Cues Ladies Tour Win

There was a lot of sweating going on June 13-14th weekend in Houston, TX at Bogie’s Billiards.  The sweating action came both from the 44 players who signed up for our 4th stop on the OB Cues Ladies Tour tournament trail.  But also from the spectators, fans, and other pool maniacs at Bogie’s both days who weathered the heat inside due to an improperly working air conditioning system. 


Lisa Marr Unstoppable for Her 1st OB Cues Ladies Tour Win

These unusual conditions, though, did not stop anyone from the warmth, fun or competitive spirit that came from everyone supporting the tour.  Jerry & Georgia Williams, owners of Bogie’s Billiards, were there both days and were gracious as ever to their loyal following.  Also our main tour sponsor, OB Cues, Royce Bunnell, always cool as a cucumber, was there to share in the festivities all weekend as well and the ladies are forever grateful for everyone’s support and friendship.


There were a lot of top ranking tour favorites in the house including Tara Williams, Amanda Lampert, Lisa Marr, Lisa Henderson-Major (having a hot year of her own), Kyu Yi, board member Melinda Bailey & Orietta Strickland, to name a few. 


But before going into details of the events, we would like to give a shout out and special congratulations to several OB Cues Ladies Tour members who played some outstanding 8-ball during the recent BCA Nationals in Las Vegas.


Cristina DeLaGarza – 2009 BCA Nationals Open Singles Champion

Helen Hayes – 2009 BCA Nationals Open Singles – 2nd Place

Michelle Yim – 2009 BCA Nationals Open Singles – 4th Place

Chelsea Dean – 2009 BCA Nationals Open Singles – 9th Place


We are so proud of your accomplishments and representation of the OB Cues Ladies Tour.  Awesome job!!!


Now for the Main Event, by days end on Saturday, there were 12 players left and Lisa Marr vs. Deanna Henson and Kyu Yi vs. Michelle Cortez were still undefeated.  On the other side of the bracket, it was Amanda Lampert vs. Lisa Henderson-Major; Julie Comitini vs. Cristina DeLaGarza; Kim Pierce vs. Ashley Nandrasy and Elissa Jordan vs. Melinda Bailey.


Right out the shoot on Saturday, Lisa Marr had a tough draw against Amanda Lampert.  Lisa won 7-4 and after that match, it was pretty evident that Lisa was going to be pretty tough to take down.  Lisa then played Kim Pierce winning 7-0; Cristina DeLaGarza winning 7-4; Melinda Bailey, who was playing strong and had a solid win just before her match with Lisa, against Orietta Strickland.  Melinda defeated Orietta 7-2, but Lisa was still running on high and defeated Melinda 7-3.  Lisa would then come back on Sunday to play Deanna Henson who she beat 7-5 and played Kyu Yi for the hot seat winning 7-5.   Her work for the weekend was almost complete and it was just a matter of waiting for her finals opponent.


Another big story this weekend was the play of Lisa Henderson-Major.  A regular tour player and traveling road buddy of Lisa Marr along with Becky Jones.  Lisa #2, which Becky calls her, is having an outstanding year thus far and she would finish this tournament with another 3rd place finish which is a repeat of her finish at the Billiard Den tour stop just prior to Bogies.  Keep it going, Lisa #2.  You are doing great!


In the semi-finals, it was Kyu defeating Lisa #2 7-3 with Kyu in the finals to avenge her earlier loss to Lisa #1.  Lisa did not lose one match all weekend and completed her tour win with a score of 7-3.  Kyu also earned the qualifier spot at the WPBA Pacific Coast Classic in Lincoln City, Oregon as well as her nice 2nd place finish.  Great Job, Kyu!


All weekend Lisa Marr was blazing through her matches and had her eyes on 1st place all the way.  She performed outstanding and is always a true competitor and champion.  Lisa, you are the best.  Congratulations on your 1st tour win!!! 


Tournament Payouts, $2,000 added:

1st – Lisa Marr - $750

2nd – Kyu Yi - $550

3rd - Lisa Henderson-Major - $400

4th – Michelle Cortez - $260

5th/6th – Deanna Henson, Kim Pierce - $160

7th/8th – Melinda Bailey, Julie Comitini - $100

9th-12th – Cristina DeLaGarza, Amanda Lampert, Ashley Nandrasy, Elissa Jordan - $75

13th-16th – Sherri Palma, Michelle Abernathy, Shayla Neris, Sherri Smith - $40

17th-24th – Orietta Strickland, Terry Petrosino, Susan Petty, Diana Cardona, Lucille Donahue, Tara Williams, Robyn Petrosino, Michelle Prince - $20


Other Tournament Winners:

$30 Free Entry – Terry Petrosino

$25 Starbucks (2) – Kyu Yi & Cristina DeLaGarza

Painting on the Green Canvas by Bob Watson – Elissa Jordan

OB Cues Tour Patch – Rachael Rutledge

OB Cues Tour Calendar – Julie Rodriguez

Strok-N-Style - Cue Grabber – Sherri Smith

Tiger Products Winners:

Cue Burnisher – Melinda Bailey

Cue Smoother – Traci Voelkering

Cue Holder – Tara Williams

Baseball Cap – Sandy Rodermund

Bridge – Michelle Cortez

Towel – Lisa Marr


Second Chance Event – 15 players - $100 monies added - total purse $250


1st – Monica Anderson, OB Cues Board Member - $100

2nd – Terry Petrosino - $75

3rd – Connie Gallego - $50

4th – Robyn Petrosino - $25


NEXT TOUR STOP:  MAGOO’S-TULSA, OK – Oklahoma State Championship– JULY 25-26th



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