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Sailing - 04. October 2008.

Linda Rahm on the way to the final


October 04 (Saturday)

Flight 5 - RR 3

Lucy McGregor 0 - Julie Bossard 1; Sandy Hayes 1 - Rita Gonçalves 0; Linda Rahm 1 - Caroline Béjar

October 04 (Saturday)

Flight 3 - RR 3

Lucy McGregor 1 - Rita Gonçalves 0; Caroline Béjar 1 - Sandy Hayes 0; Linda Rahm 1 - Julie Bossard 0

October 04 (Saturday)

Flight 4 - RR3

Lucy McGregor 1 - Caroline Béjar 0; Rita Gonçalves 1 - Julie Bossard 0; Linda Rahm 1 - Sandy Hayes 0


The Swedish Linda Rahm and the British Lucy McGregor, current European Champion, confirmed the status of favorites to victory at Tróia Portugal Women's Cup, event organized by Sun Sailing Team and sponsored by Turismo de Portugal and Troiaresort. Rahm has 10 wins, two more that McGregor and has three of advantage over the French Julie Bossard. The Portuguese Rita Goncalves is in 5th place, with 4 wins.

The very strong wind was the great protagonist of the 3rd day of Tróia Portugal Women's Cup. Indeed, only in the afternoon was possible to make races.

The French Julie Bossard was one of the stars of the day going to 3rd overall. The strong wind seems to have been the tonic needed to pass the North American Sandy Hayes.

Linda Rahm saw its unstoppable march be stopped temporarily by the British Lucy McGregor, but quickly resumed the path of victories and remains isolated in the lead.

Much celebrated was the first point of the Brazilian team of Caroline Béjar, who beat the Portuguese Rita Goncalves.

The national crew had trouble with the strong wind and only scored a win  against the North American Sandy Hayes.


Overall after 12 flights

1ª Linda Rahm 10V 2D

2ª Lucy McGregor 8V 4D

3ª Julie Bossard 7V 5D

4ª Sandy Hayes 6V 6D

5ª Rita Gonçalves 4V 8D

6ª Caroline Béjar 1V 11D

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