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Swimming - 13. July 2009.

Liane Llewellyn of Denholme, Bradford attempts to swim 2-Way English Channel


Liane Llewellyn of Denholme, Bradford attempts to swim 2-Way English Channel


Between 13th July and 23rd July 2009 Former Halifax, City of Bradford and Bradford Dolphin Swimming Club member Liane Llewellyn will be attempting to swim the 45 mile round trip from Dover to Calais and back which is likely to take over 20 hours. This has only been accomplished by 16 other people.


If Liane is successful in her bid to complete this swim she will be only the third British Woman and the first Yorkshire swimmer to do so. Liane who lives in Denholme, West Yorkshire and works at Fairfield Hospital, Bury as a Senior Physiotherapist completed a 1-way swim of the English Channel in 2005.



In Liane’s two year build up to this she has gradually increased her pool sessions and last summer she completed over 80miles in Open Water competitions on top of all her outdoor training.

This dedication along with Liane’s outstanding performances at Loch Lomond, Scotland (21.6miles) and Rathlin Ireland, Northern Ireland (7miles tidal) saw her scoop the British Long Distance Swimming Association’s Swimmer of the Year award in 2008.


Liane started her outdoor training this year by training for two weeks in the sea in Tenerife. She did 10 and 12hrs swims on some days and 2 or three hours twice a day on the other days. She has also been doing regular weekly training in a Dam high up on the moors in Lancashire.


In May she spent seven days training in Dover harbour to help her get used to the sea conditions and water temperature in the English Channel. She has since swum around Coniston (13miles / 6hours) and from Newburgh to Tayport (15.5 miles / 5hours) where she set off an hour before high water so she spent the first hour swimming against the tide. Finally, last week she did a 7hour swim at the Dam on Tuesday followed by a three way Coniston swim (16.5miles / 7hours 50mins) on Saturday.


She is now tapering and making sure she eats the right things and the next challenge will be the real thing.


Liane is raising money for Bradford Outward Bound® Association and all donations will go towards enabling young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in Outward Bound Courses. The Outward Bound Trust offers structured residential development courses with the purpose of raising self-esteem and confidence, developing skills and preparing young people from every background for the challenges that life brings.


To make a donation and show your support for Liane visit:



For further details Liane can be contacted via:

Mob: 07885135780

Work: 01617783882

Home: 01274 830615

Email: liane.llewellyn@btinternet.com

Website: http://lianellewellyn.fortunecity.com


Additional Information


In 2008

Liane was the winner in the gruelling 21.6mile British Long Distance Swimming Association Loch Lomond competition where all but two competitors retired. This is renowned for being the toughest event on the BLDSA circuit and only attracts the very top endurance athletes. However, last year swimmers had to contend with a strong head wind and rough water on top of the extremely cold temperature for the duration of the swim.


On the afternoon of Saturday 23rd August 2008,  in a first for sea swimming history, Liane was amongst 19 top marathon sea swimmers, in just their costumes who raced for their lives across seven miles of the most treacherous and spectacular waters in Europe - the Rathlin Sound, off the North Antrim Coast, in Northern Ireland. All in the name of action on climate change. They braved several different currents and tides, nippy temperatures of 13 degrees along with nasty stinging lions mane jellyfish. It was a highly challenging and demanding swim. Just 5 swimmers made history by finishing at Ballycastle beach, completing the seven mile endurance swim and Liane was the first female.

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