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Snowboarding - 27. March 2010.

Laura Berry takes Gold in the Animal Slopestyle Championships

The women’s Animal Slopestyle Championships kicked off the day’s action, due to high winds the women’s final results were taken from their qualification run.

In top spot and taking the women’s 2010 Animal Slopestyle Championship title was Laura Berry. Laura threw down a solid and stylish run including a frontside boardslide on the top rail followed by a boardslide to fakie on the kinked rail and frontside wall ride. Over the kickers Laura stomped a huge straight air over the big kicker, a stylish nose grab and Indy over the bottom big kicker.

Second place and the silver medal went to 12 year old Katie Ormerod who stepped it up and landed a solid run including a backside noseslide all the way down the box, followed by a boardslide on the up box, backside switch up on the kinked box and frontside wall ride. Over the kickers Katie stomped a big method over the medium kicker, followed by a backside 360 Indy and nose grab over the bottom medium kicker. Stefani Nurding finished in third place with a 50-50 on the top rail, 50-50 to boardslide on the up box, nose slide on the kinked box and frontside wall ride. Her kicker line included a backside 360 and nose grab over the medium kickers.

Laura Berry quoted: “I'm really stoked to have won because I've been injured loads this season. My collarbone’s in two pieces and I had some problems with my arteries, so I was in hospital before the start of the season. I just made sure I was solid. Knowing that I only had one run, I just made it a bit safe. Now, I'm just going to cruise around, have some fun, try and learn some new stuff. I'll definitely come back next year and try and defend the title”.


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