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Netball - 19. April 2012.

Las Vegas to host USA Netball Championships

Netball Amercia - the largest governing body of Netball in the USA, has announced the 2012 National Netball Championships for the USA, with the event planned for 9th - 11th November in Las Vegas.

President of Netball America - Sonya Ottaway is extremely excited about the event being a catalyst for the wider promotion of Netball in America.

"As Netball remains relatively unknown within America, Netball America is teaming up with well established American brands to help promote Netball.

"One of these key relationships is with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Womens' National Basketball Association (WNBA). Even though in other countries Netball and Basketball may be in competition - this is not the case in America.

"Netball is competing with newer sports trying to make their way into USA education curriculums. The typical American has never even seen a Netball court and if you say the word 'Netball' you get a strange look! "

Netball America's success in developing American Netball is driven by the type of world class Netball events being held in the USA.

"We have a busy year coming up." said Ottaway, "An estimated 35,000 Americans are being exposed to Netball with our 2012 showcase events being the top American Netball athletes performing during half-time of the WNBA Seattle Storm and Atlanta Dream games."

The National Championships represent another milestone in achievement for Ottaway and the sport in America, which until now have taken a back seat behind other sports for nearly 30 years.

Interestingly, the Championships (9 - 11 November 2012) are open for registration for teams, coaches, umpires, other officials and volunteers from inside AND outside the US.

"As Netball America is growing the sport so quickly throughout the US, we want to give our athletes opportunities to develop their skills and gain experience by being able to compete against international teams.

"We also recognize that as we are developing the sport from the ground up, we need assistance from international coaches, umpires and athletes to help get Netball in America to the next level. And who doesn't want a trip to Vegas??"

The event promises to be a spectacle on many levels with the main focus of fixtures being held in a state of the art $54 million newly built venue located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). With Las Vegas as the host city, specators and players alike can expect much more than just a tournament.

"We want to provide you with this once in a lifetime experience. I assure you it will be a memorable championships".

Registration is open to ladies, men's and mixed teams and anyone wishing to enter a team can do so at www.netballamerica.com. Netball America also wishes to welcome any umpires, scorers or other volunteers who want to be part of this exciting and prestigious event.

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