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Surfing - 14. April 2010.

Kustom Airstrike South Africa Fast Facts

What is it? The Kustom Airstrike is an eight-month mission to reward the world's most innovative and craziest aerial surfing. It is the world's richest single-trick surfing contest, and is open to all surfers worldwide. This contest is open to the young and the old, the top pros to the young groms - if you can punt you're included.

Where is it? The Kustom Airstrike is an international happening, and it can go down at any beach and on any wave. For this event we are gathering on the Dolphin Coast of Kwazulu Natal for a day of all-out aerial surfing. For a venue we're looking at the stretch of coastline between Ballito and Umhlanga, so whatever looks good on the day is where we will be.

When is it? As mentioned, the Kustom Airstrike is an eight-month long international happening, but the Kustom Airstrike Dolphin Coast will take place on the 28 April 2010.

Why is it happening? South Africa has some of the best aerial surfers on the planet, and any one of them are good enough to win the big prize of US$50,000 (R364,000). Kustom South Africa has seen this one-off event as a great way to get our local boys amped on the event, and in so doing setting a precedent across the country for our top surfers to go for broke in a bid for this enormous prize.

The Kustom Airstrike Dolphin Coast could quite possibly see a winning entry emerge from this one day of high performance punts.

Who is in it? It is an invite-only event. Kustom have hand-picked 20-odd of the best aerial exponents in the country. These are surfers who are known to go for big airs with scant regard for the consequences. A mis-timed air could result in a broken board, but could also very easily result in broken bones, so these surfers have to be committed to the prize and have to go as hard as they possible can. The list of invited surfers will be announced shortly.

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