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- 01. July 2008.

Korea and Venezuela win Individual titles in Boe

Recurve Women

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Gold Medal: PARK Sung-Hyun (KOR) - YUN Ok Hee (KOR)
Gold Medal: PARK Sung-Hyun (KOR) - YUN Ok Hee (KOR)
This match is facing number 2 (Yun) and number 3 (Park) in the world! Both archers are qualified for the World Cup Final this year. Last time they shot against each other in Antalya, Yun broke the World Record at 119 pts.

A 9 opens this match for Park, and an 8 for Yun. Next arrows for Park: 9, 8 and Yun: 9-9 to tie the match at 26 pts. Second end and Park scores 9-10-9, as Yun does her best with 9-7-10 letting Park take the lead with 54-52. Yun starts the third end with 9, followed by another 9 from Park. They continue with 9-9 for Yun and 10-10 for Park to lead 83-79. Last end and Yun scores 10, as Park shot a 9. They finish with 10-10 and a perfect end for Yun, as Park wins the match and gold medal with 10-9 and a final score of 111-109!


Bronze Medal: ZHAO Ling (CHN) - ZHANG Juan Juan (CHN)
Zhao is number 44 in the world ranking list, as her opponent and teammate Zhang is number 4 in the world.

Opening arrow is a 9 for Zhang, and 8 for Zhao. Zhang then scores a 10, as her opponent scores 8-8, and Zhang closes with 9, to lead with 28-24. Second end for the teammates opponents, as Zhao shot 9-8-10, and Zhang 9-10-10 to increase her lead at 57-51. Third end and Zhao shoots 8, followed by Zhang's 10. Zhao other arrows are 9-10, and Zhang's 10-10 for a perfect end and increase her lead at 87-78. Last end in this match and Zhao scores 10-7-10, as Zhang scores 8-8-10 to win bronze medal with a final score of 113-105.

Compound Women
Bronze Medal: SIMPSON Nichola (GBR) - GUEDEZ Luzmary (VEN)
Gold Medal: SIMPSON Nichola (GBR) - GUEDEZ Luzmary (VEN)
Simpson shoots first on target 1 with 8. Guedez opens with 8. Simpson continues with a 9, as Guedez shot a 10. Simpson scores a 9, and Guedez answers with a 10. The Venezuelan leads the first end with 28-26. Second end starts with a 9 for the Brit as well as for the Venezuelan. Simpson gets its acts together to score a X10 and 9, but the Venezuelan keep strong with 9-9-X10 to keep ahead by two pts at 56-54. A 10 for Simpson on the third end, as Guedez shoots a 9. Simpson found her sight to shoot another 10, as the Venezuelan shot an 8 to trail at this moment. Simpson scores a last 8 and Guedez could not handle it to shoot another 8. Second end score: 82-81 for Simpson. Last end, and Guedez shot X10 death centre, as Simpson ties the match with 9. Guedez comes back strong with another 10, as Simpson ties with another 10. Last arrow for Guedez is a 10, and Simpson offers victory to the Venezuelan with a 9! Final score 111-110 for Guedez!

Bronze Medal: VAN NATTA Jamie (USA) - KAZANTSEVA Anna (RUS)
First match of this Individual Finals of the last World Cup Stage of 2008.

Last time these archers saw each other face in a match was in 2007 World Cup Final in Dubai, and Van Natta won the match.


Kazantseva will shoot first on target 2 and starts the match with a 9, followed by an 8 and 9. Van Natta starts with a 9 as well, but continues with X10 and 8. Van Natta leads by 1 pt in the first end with 28-27. In the second end, Kazantseva shot 10-9-10, while the American, Ranked 1 in the world, scores 10-8-10 to tie the match at 55 pts. Kaztantseva, ranked 9in the world, starts the third end with 9. Van Natta ties with 9 too. The Russian shot another 9, while Van Natta ties as well. None wants to let go, as both archers shot a 9! Tied score at 82 pts. Last end will decide it all, as the Russian shot a 9, and Van Natta a X10. The Russian continues with X10, as well as Van Natta. Last arrow for Kazantseva is a 9, leaving the door open to the American to take the lead. Van Natta shot a 9 to clinch the bronze medal!
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