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Handball - 28. February 2010.

Kelsi Fairbrother blog for Women Sport Report.com



“Since I last wrote a lot has happened which is why it has taken so long to write an update.


“As you may know I’m playing handball for a Danish club team called fox. We are currently third in the league, we had a shaky start to our season with a lot of pressure on us to perform.


“The club has also had some financial difficulty, which led to all players having pay cuts to ensure the club could continue. It was a stressful few months and of course affected our performance as some players - including myself - were unsure we could afford to live here after pay cuts, but I decided to stay.


“Two players left the team which left us with some problems as we have a few injuries too but since the Christmas break we have stepped up and pulled it back and haven’t lost a game!


“My personal performances have been good. I have an average of three goals a match and consistently good defence so I’m happy, but I wish to improve on my shot variation and will be working with that over the next few months!


“Outside of handball I have made plenty of new friends some who I think I will have for life, in fact next week I’m moving to a slightly bigger city called Aalborg with one of my new friends as we have found a great place in the centre of the city.


“I think this will be great as I hope to also find a job there working with children. I’ve also been going to school twice a week to learn more Danish and its going well so far! When I’m not at school or playing handball I like to just relax at home or me and some friends will meet for lunch - and like any girl we love to do a bit of shopping!


“The next big thing for me is with my national team as Great Britain meet Iceland for the European qualification matches in March which is very exciting! Be sure to check out the British Handball website for dates and links for ticket sales - it’s a game not to miss !

“I will write again after our matches against Iceland and if any readers make the matches be sure to come and say ‘hi’ and ask any questions you may have.



Kelsi J

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