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KB4Girls - raises funds for Girls Inc.

TAMPA/LONDON/PERTH, June 1, 2011: Over the memorial day weekend 35 female kiteboarders and others who wanted to learn the sport came together on Alameda beach in the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the KB4girls 2011 World Tour charity event.

Aiming to empower young girls in Alameda and the area by raising funds for the Girls Inc. organization the KB4girls 2011 World Tour participants collected a total of just over $7000 through personal fundraising pages and personal donations.

At the same time the participating women also empowered themselves by pushing their limits by either taking up the sport of kiteboarding or learning new tricks under the advice and coaching of 9-time world champion Kristin Boese, US course racing champion Sandy Parker, ex world cup star Laurel Eastman, female ripper Elea Faucheron as well as many other volunteer coaches and assistants.

The local hosts Boardsports school & shop and Kitopia made sure the participating girls had everything they needed with a simulator, video screening, standup paddleboards and more available for the not-so-windy Saturday. However, as soon as the wind picked up, nothing could keep the girls and women on the beach as they hurriedly pumped their kites to get out on the water and into the action!

The female kiters had a good atmosphere as they pushed each other with competitive rivalry and in turn were pushed to the next level by their coaches. Many new tricks were learned and at the end of day the beach and the Boardsports school & shop facilities were filled with happy faces and excitedly chatting kiters as the prizes were awarded.

Many congratulations go out to the fundraising queens Sylfia Ferrero and Jane Sedonan, the Best Trick winners May Yam, Adelaide Bodson and Ginette Buffone, the SUP race winners Kerstin Doerre and Elea Faucheron as well as the Silke Gorldt Spirit Award winner Machelle Dotson.


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A Fitness experience created for women by women !!!!!

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