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Netball - 25. February 2016.

Israel Netball takes on the European Netball Championships

Ever tried introducing a sport into a country where that sport is completely unknown? It’s an uphill battle with constant challenges, and the main one is, of course, funding.

This year’s challenge

Netball Europe is holding their annual Open Challenge competition [the European Netball Championships 2016] in Newcastle, UK between 12th-15th May, and Israel Netball is sending a carefully selected team of eleven exceptionally talented players to participate at this prestigious international event. Also travelling will be our incomparable management team: Laragh Widdess (Coach), Lexi Schapiro (Assistant Coach), Robyn Ginsberg (Manager) and a primary carer.


The team:

  • Shoshana Berman
  • Maayan Eytan
  • Chani Komar Stossel
  • Nomi Komar
  • Lara Krasnostein
  • Tzlil Kupchik
  • Michal Lieberman
  • Sivan Nahshon
  • Tracy Pauwen
  • Tal Segev
  • Talya Sterman

Our rivals will be Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland, and this year teams from the USA and Grenada are also competing.

Why do we need help?

For an organization with no funding from official bodies the costs of travel, accommodation, kosher food, kits, etc. for 15 people are exorbitant. Each member of the team is expected to raise at least NIS 1,500. That’s why we need your help! No matter how large or how small and in what currency, we will be enormously grateful and promise to do our utmost to overcome the competition!

How can I contribute?

Just click on the Support button and follow the easy instructions.

What is Netball?

Netball is the most popular women’s sport today with millions of young girls and adults playing worldwide. It is a fast, skillful team ball game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching derived from early versions of basketball. The main differences are that you cannot move while holding the ball, bounce it, hold it for more than three seconds and there is minimal physical contact.

Each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the large rectangular court and shooting it through the raised goal rings located at either end. Players are assigned specific positions that define their roles within the team and restrict their movement to certain areas of the court.

In Israel netball is currently played in Ra’anana, Modiin, Tel Aviv, and several locations in Jerusalem. Six adult teams play in the national league and dozens of juniors enjoy their weekly sessions at various clubs.

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