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Windsurfing - 10. August 2007.

ISA 2007 Overall Ranking Update

Valerie has only a few points left in front of her strongest opponent Karin Jaggi (SUI, F2, North), who was able to win the Fuerteventura Grand Prix.

The decision in both fleets will be taken in Namibia, and it looks pretty like the winners of the Walvis Bay Speedweek will be the new world champions !

In the womens production fleet Karin is clear ahead of Great Britains Zara Davis.

The nations ranking now includes sailors from 23 nations, representing 5 continents. France is clearly leading in front of Great Britain, Switzerland is third now. The points from Bjorn Dunkerbeck (T1, North) who is starting for the Switzerland now are really helpful.

In the manufacturers ranking, F2 is clearly ahead of Fanatic, which is missing a female rider to score really high. Thommen is third, with the same problem. In the sails division, North is leading in front of Loft Sails, Neil Pryde is third now due to Antoines victory in Fuerteventura.

Also updated is the ISWC All Time World Ranking for the 500m, including 454 riders now from 45 nations and six continents. The All Time World Ranking started in 2003, including all WSSRC approved speeds from then on, and the national and world records from the earlier times.

We are still looking for results from 2002 and before to update the ISWC All Time World Ranking. If you can provide us with any documents, please contact isa@speedsurfing.org

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