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American Football - 18. October 2008.

Introducing : The HWFFL Tx Tantrums

INTRODUCING THE.......Tx Tantrums one of the Newest Semi-Pro Women's Flag Team for the HWFFL


We currently have 14 members of the TX Tantrums. We participated in Skills Day last Saturday and played a scrimmage against the Majiks. And for the record, the Majiks could not score on this rookie team. Hats off to Tahari Thomas for a Helva downfield mid-air catch. Hats off to Ellana Mayden for a Flag snatching Touchdown save with an assist from yours truly DANNYG. Hats off to Chris Zboril for those 90 mile an hour power throws (make 'em wear gloves), and to Weslie "Snipes" Barry Power-blocking and running the ball. Hats off to Christine Lematrie for playing on our OL/DL, even though she's a SIDE-EFFECT. Hats off to Gena "Shorty" Mayden for Blocking and Squaring up the QB, and last but not least- our NEW LIL JAI WEEEEZZZY - Brynne Butterfield making the Center position look easy.  Let's put it this way, SHE's not TACKLING anyone, she just moving across the line after the snap...Watch out there NOW!  Thanks Majik for a great scrimmage. The Tx Tantrums will announce a complete roster next week. 


In the meantime,


Get ready for the  HWFFL TX Tantrums - Season starts 11/1/08...


10/25/08 - Preseason Games

11/01/08 - Season Begins



Slo Pitch

1836 Gault Rd


For More Information contact: Tricia at  tgustave@aecomplex.com


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