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Tennis - 22. April 2013.

Interview with Andrea Petkovic: "I feel really good again"


“I feel really good again”

Stuttgart. Andrea Petkovic is back. At the weekend’s Fed Cup tie she was in the box supporting her Porsche Team Germany teammates – at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix she herself will be back in action on court. In an interview she spoke about her aims for the long-standing Stuttgart tournament and the rest of the season.

Andrea, your season last year was marred by injuries. How’s things at the moment?

“I feel really good again and am physically very fit. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in Stuttgart.”

When playing Victoria Azarenka last year you turned your ankle and were badly in-jured. How does it feel to be back playing here in Stuttgart?

“The injury is still in my head. But I want to ban the bad memories and replace them with nice moments. Especially as Stuttgart always has been my favourite tourna-ment.”

Injuries are part and parcel of professional sport. How did you get over them?

“I’m an optimistic person and have invested a lot of time in rehab and training. Tennis is a big love of my life. The energy just comes naturally.”

But how do professional sports persons survive a year without tennis?

“That was by far the most difficult thing. I love tennis and I especially missed the competitive side of the game. But my family and friends have helped me get back on track and given me lots of encouragement.”

At the tournament in Charleston two weeks ago you withdrew as a precautionary measure. Are you basically more careful these days?

“Yes I listen to my body more now. Especially, as it’s my biggest asset.”

What are your aims for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix?

“Not too much. I simply just want to enjoy some nice moments and the tournament generally. If I win manage to win a match or two, it’d be naturally fantastic.”

And as far as the whole year is concerned?

“In 2013 I want to get back in the main draws at Grand Slams. It means I have to re-turn to the top 100. I’m going to take things carefully this year as my body has to get used to the pressure again. I see this year as being a platform for things to come.”

You said, Stuttgart is your favourite tournament. What is so special about it?

“The tournament is perfectly organised, right down to the smallest details. But best of all is the audience. They give you so much positive energy. It’s what I look forward to most of all.”
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