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American Football - 19. June 2008.

HTC Take 1st Place

BRAGGIN' RIGHTS - HTC takes 1st Place in the South Central Division

With the help of our Cyclone Fans, the H'Town Texas Cyclones gained control for a WIN over the OKC Lightning...

Final Score HTC 21 / OKC 15
The OKC Lightning came prepared to play the Cyclones at home, however going into half-time with 8-7 lead HTC dominated the 2nd half of the game.

Offensive Braggin' Rights:
# 3 Brandy "Gotta Catch IT" Jones with a 42 yard Reception Touchdown...
#33 Raasin "Can't Touch This" McIntosh with Rushing Touchdown for 58 yards...
#11 Deborah "Make It Happen" Rusch with a QB keeper for 3 yards...
#45 Christine "Church Lady" Lametrie blockin' for HTC backs...you go GIRL!
#46 Chiquita "Move Something" Bradley blockin' and rockin' the ball...Rock On!

Defensive Braggin' Rights:
#59 Renee "Hit em Hard" Cosby several defensive tackles and a Fumble Recovery
#55 Benita "The Train" Francis several defensive tackles and a couple of QB sacks
#2 Chris "Bring It" Guillory several defensive stops / contained outside parameter
#21 Melissa "Got Ya" Ward stickin' to WR like glue...kept WRs contained
#7 Tawana "Lightning" Rogers - no OKC Reverses got by THIS ONE!
#1 Nicole "Feel IT" Morris - with multiple no Hand tackles - She makes 'em PAY!
#97 Tabiatha "Shock 'em" Polk - Holdin' Down The D-Line like a BRICK WALL...

And to our COACHES:
Offensive Head: Coach Poppy
Asst. Offensive: Coach Ronnie
Defensive: Coach Robin
Defensive: Coach Damon

And to our CYCLONE FANS - Thanks for ALL THAT NOISE!
Join us in Dallas as we DEFEND our #1 Divisional Title....against the North TX Fury
www.HTownTexasCyclones.com - "Play-Off Bound"
Proud Members of the NWFA - Baby Look At Us NOW!
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