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Handball - 13. March 2008.

Hope Remains - Amazing Win Against Chili 28-26

March 13, 2008-

The Junior Women played there second game of the Pan American Championship tonight. Here is the story of the game from Jacynthe Lafrance (team captain) and Michael Nahmiash (assistant coach).

"After our lost against Mexico, we were extremely motivated for the game against Chili" mentioned Jacynthe Lafrance. "With a win, we could still hope to qualify for the Worlds. At the beginning of the game, the pressure was on and we start behind.

The Chili team is extremely fast and we had hard time to adapt to the referee style, so at half time we were behind by 4 goals. We came back strong in the second half and stay in the game, but we went further away with 2 very bad minutes, losing by 7 goals with 15 minutes to go in the game".

This is when the coaching staff made a move, they try a 4-2 defense. "This was risky considering Chili was very fast. However, we had no choice, we must win and try something" mentioned Nathalie Brochu and Michael Nahmiash.

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