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  • Supports the body's natural response to temporary, exercise-induced Muscle Inflammation *
  • Supports Immune Function *
  • Maintains Muscle Mass *

    Helps activate the body’s own protective cellular machinery to combat exercise-induced inflammation.
    Elderberry and Saberry™† from amla fruit extracts, and Vitamin E scavenge free radicals *
    Vitamin C and beta-carotene support immune function 
    Antioxidant protection *

    Speeds recovery from aerobic and anaerobic exercise by enhancing glycogen replenishment and initiating repair of damaged muscles. *

    Herbalife24 Restore combats muscle inflammation with a combination of antioxidants, herbs and vitamins. As an athlete you stress your body to improve muscles and endurance. This stress can take a toll on you and result in inflammation. Recovery is key to maintaining muscle mass after exercise.

    H24 Restore combats inflammation with Alma fruit extractElderberry Root and Turmeric Spice plus antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E. Boost your natural restorative properties even while you sleep.

    For more information on Herbalife and the H24 Sports nutrition range, visit http://products.herbalife.co.uk/energy-and-fitness

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