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Other Sports - 24. November 2008.

Hattrick for Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

Horst Rudel
Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER) wins the Rolex FEI World CupTM qualifier on home ground in Stuttgart. (c) Horst Rudel



If ever the words ‘winner’s luck’ had a meaning, it would be in the Stuttgart lag of the Rolex FEI World Cup™ competition. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and her amazing horse Shutterfly had two big rattles in the first round. The rail of the Mercedes Benz oxer bounced up and down in the cups. But being last to go in a thrilling 17 combinations jump off, Michaels-Beerbaum once more showed her ambition and superb skill. Meredith amazed the crowd with a spectacular race and a well deserved win, leaving Steve Guerdat in second and Alvaro Miranda Neto in third place.

 ‘MMB’ and her super athlete Shutterfly really left the Hans Martin Schleyer Halle in dust after one of the most sensational jump offs of the year. The holder of the Rolex FEI World Cup™ title didn’t need the 20 points, there was another reason why Michaels-Beerbaum really wanted this one dearly.

“It’s such an honour to win Stuttgart three times in a row”, Meredith said, having just left Shutterfly’s saddle. “I don’t think anyone has ever done that. I watched Steve Guerdat ride in the jump off, everybody knows how difficult it is to beat Steve. He was the only one to successfully do the inside turn to the double combination. All others either avoided the risk or had a fault. So I had to try this as well. My luck is that I have this incredible horse. Shutterfly is 15 years old, but he still going strong.”

Straight after the class, Michaels-Beerbaum didn’t have an explanation for her win. “Steve had a perfect ride, I would have to analyse the video.”

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