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Other Water Sports - 03. November 2010.

Hard Day for the Row Star Project - Lightweight Womens Double Scull Rowing

Hard Day for the Row Star Project - Lightweight Womens Double Scull Rowing

Today Abby and I placed ourselves on that start line. Today we were to complete a stepping stone to get to that precious final. Today our affirmations read that we are 2010 World Champions Lightweight Double Gold Medalist Rowers. However, the door on this semi-final closed on us. And the disappointment sets deep.

Abby has raced before in the double, and has placed in B finals. Today we knew our potential was nothing short of A. I was unable to race in the world champs in Poland last year, and Carlos and I have waited for a long time to get to this point. We were the favourites to win. Our grandstand had our parents watching. And in our hearts we had all the people following us from all over. But from the start the greeks and brits took a lead. We stayed focused in our boat working to get it back. By the 1500m, we were within a second, having the fastest third 500m. The last 500m, we were holding on for all we could muster, but as they say, 'one man's cross is another one's church', because our loss in speed in that last 500m, gave the homeground favourites, the new zealanders a chance for the final. The crew took us in that last 500m, and placed third to make the A final. And we will have to defend our position from the B final.

Its a hard reality that plagues in sports. But it is also the basic truth that one any given day the best lose, and we need to pick ourselves up. We played really hard to get here, and the challenge now is how we can get smarter from this. This journey is still an incredible one, with many battles. This win would have calmed a few storms, but what the heck, bring on the rough water. We seem to do better in the waves it seems, judging from our heats. I left Lake Karapiro today, hearing the Terminator.... We will be back!

Thank you again for all your support and belief and hope in us. We are not giving up. I hope neither will you!
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