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Basketball - 06. March 2009.

Great Britain - Sport spotlight - Mini-basketball

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Mini-baskeball — basketball for young children — is a school sport played by millions of primary PE pupils across the world under the age of 12. It was was introduced internationally in 1964

The world development is administered by the Federation Internationale de Basketball (International Basketball Federation; FIBA) with headquarters in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. The international objective is to introduce young people to the world of sport in a spirit of friendship and understanding.

Mini-basketball is fun for all children
In England School Sports Partnerships, schools and clubs can register with Mini-Basketball England (MBE), previously known as the English Mini-Basketball Association (EMBBA). Formed in 1970, the Association was created by officers of the Amateur Basketball Association (now known as the English Basketball Association Ltd) and the English Schools Basketball Association.

Today Mini-Basketball England is affiliated to the English Basketball Association and the Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR).

MBE has a national committee. Members of the committee are elected volunteers who help to promote and develop mini-basketball in schools and clubs. Membership is open to all organisations involved in promoting mini-basketball. Registered members of the National Take Six Mini-Basketball programme are asked to pay an annual fee. MBE is wholly dependent on fees, donations and sponsorship.

‘Take six mini-basketball’ – a new version of mini-basketball
Now that there is a national network of School Sports Partnerships, who, as part of their objectives, are creating Physical Education and School Sport Club Links (PESSCL), it is imperative that basketball has a mini-basketball game that can be used in all primary schools and mini-basketball clubs. Take six mini-basketball provides a simplified game format.

The 5 v 5 on court basketball game does not allow children with different abilities to develop their skills and tactical awareness. Take six mini-basketball is a 3 v 3 a-side game which is far more appropriate for most children. Take six gives children the time to make tactical decisions and develop their individual skills. With just five other children on court (rather than the pressure of nine), every child has the chance to really play in the game.

It has also been shown that children are very capable of learning the important roles of scoring, timekeeping and helping to referee the game. Take six mini-basketball gives equal status to children learning to play as well as officiate mini-basketball.

Primary school teachers and mini-basketball coaches need guidance and support in teaching and managing sports activities. The National Take Six Mini-Basketball Programme will provide all the support and knowledge that is required.

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