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Basketball - 09. June 2010.

Granny basketball tournament to be held at 2010 IOWA Senior Olympics



Remember the dribbles, the layups and  the race against time (in which case, the only thing allowed to run was the clock) which constitute traditional six-on-six basketball in Iowa?

                Now add vintage 1920s costumes to the mix. The result--Granny Basketball!!!

                Join the fun at the sixth annual Granny Basketball tournament, which will be held at Valley High School, 1140 Valley West Drive, West Des Moines, as part of the 2010 Iowa Senior Olympics.

                Ten teams from around the state are slated to compete over the course of the two-day event which will take place on June 19 and 20. Games will be played in the gyms beginning at 8:30 a.m. each day.  Among the teams will be the Cedar Rapids Late Bloomers, the Center Point Model Ts, the Cedar Rapids Sizzlers, the Northeast Iowa Great Dames (of Lansing), the Williamsburg Elite Grannies, the Cedar Rapids Phantoms, the Ankeny Honey Bees, the Des Moines Golden Girl Car X Strutters, the Des Moines SEHARC Hot Pink Grannies, The Des Moines Lucky 13, the West Des Moines Wild, Wild, West and the Indianola Route 65 Motorcycle Grannies.

                These team members play to honor those women who came before in this sport and to set an example for those who may follow them. They preserve the tradition of  six-on-six basketball , which is part of Iowa history and culture, even though it is no longer played in the state's schools.

                Six-on-six basketball has its unique characteristics. No running or jumping is allowed (although "hurrying" is permitted, according to the rules). A team consists of two forwards, two guards and two centers.  The playing court is divided into three sections. The coach can play if qualified. 

                The tournament is one of the events of the 24th Iowa Senior Olympics, which will comprise 18 sports and 68 events throughout the month of June in the Des Moines area.

                For more information about the Granny Basketball tournament, please visit www.grannybasketball.com. For more information about the Iowa Senior Olympics, please visit www.iowaseniorolympics.com.


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