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Kiteboarding - 19. November 2019.


Carla Herrera-Oria
Carla - her first World Title! 
Like Airton, Carla Herrera-Oria was also assured of her World Championship crown before the Prea event. The Spaniard may have been ousted from the Prea event's pole position by an incredible display of cross-over skill acquisition by Mikaili Sol on home soil, but that takes nothing away from a superb season for Carla.

As one of the pioneering women in strapless freestyle, her dedication paid dividends and her first world title comes from two event wins and two second positions in her four counting events. 
Meet the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2019 Women’s Champion Carla Herrera-Oria!

Featuring six events this year, riders can discard their two worst results from six to give them their overall season points finish. 
Airton's final scorecard is therefore impeccable, with four wins, mixing wave and strapless freestyle victories, demonstrating his incredible mastery of all-round surfboard riding. 

1st Sylt, Germany
1st Mauritius
1st Dakhla, Morocco
1st Prea, Brazil
(Incidentally, his two discarded results were a 2nd position at Cape Verde (losing to Mitu) and a share of the top points in Tarifa when the contest didn't reach a full conclusion – so this truly was a stellar year for the Cape Verdean star).
Airton and Carla
Our champions at Prea 
Carla's top four results are made up of: 

1st Sylt, Germany
1st Tarifa, Spain 
2nd Dakhla, Morocco
2nd Prea, Brazil 
(The pure wave events of Cape Verde and Mauritius attract a handful of specialist wave riders from around the world, making the competition even harder, but make no mistake, Carla has vastly improved her performance in waves and her steadfast dedication to competition riding will no doubt see her becoming a solid force in that arena too over the coming years.) 

As two of the tour's most consistent entrants over the last two seasons, Charlotte Carpentier (FRA) and Johanna-Catarina Edin (SWE) have shown a continued development of ability in both wave and strapless freestyle. It was the French rider, however, who locked down her nearly season long-advantage over the Swede to claim the second place silverware 
Women's podium
Women's final season podium 

1 Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP) (Ocean Rodeo)  8,334 points 
2 Charlotte Carpentier (FRA) (Core) 8,070 points 
3 Johanna-Catarina-Edin (SWE) (Duotone, ION) 7,938 
4 Frances Kelly (CAN) (Ocean Rodeo) 7,740
5 Peri Roberts (AUS) (Naish) 7,707 
6 Susanne Schwarztrauber (GER) 7,641
7 Irena Jenni (CZ) 7,476 
8 Sonja Bunte (GER) (Duotone, ION) 7,179
9 Capuccine Delannoy (FRA) (F-One, Manera) 5,937 
10 Sabine Beukeleers (BEL) 5,838 
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