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Get outdoors now and exercise in the sun! Part I



We may not be interested in the same activities as we used to be...but there are many benefits to exercising outdoors:

- no driving to crowded gyms, thus avoiding carbon monoxide emissions and saving time

- little or no equipment needed

- no need to dress up or put on make-up

- a good dose of vitamin D for your health, skin and well being

- the ability to work out anytime and anywhere without having to pay for it

- loads of fresh air and oxygen!

You can probably think of many more reasons why exercising outdoors is beneficial to you and your life style....So let's get on with it! These exercises will leave you sweaty, worn out and FIT!!!

Like all exercises lunges should be done in perfect form in order to have the best work out effect. When they are done correctly everyone of your muscles will have to work at some point during the exercise including the Gluteus Maximus. You can do: Standing lunges, alternating lunges, walking lunges, rear lunges and elevating lunges! And everything just as easy as 1, 2, 3 in your back garden, while walking with the dogs, on the beach...especially fantastic for us ladies...think of the glutes girlfriends!

If done properly, this exercise will really build your leg muscles and the mini skirt won't be out of reach for long! All you need is a small picnic bench, or even a decent sized rock. Step up on your elevated surface on the one side, then step down again and repeat with the other leg. Alternate the exercise and speed up as you get more agile. Keep your head up and your back straight at all times and you will have a totally maximized effect in your muscle development. The cardiovascular effect is an added benefit. 


Look out for more exercises over the weekend! We will update regularly to keep you fit, even with the kids running around...these are exercise that won't disturb anyone. ON THE CONTRARY YOU WILL SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR YOUR YOUNGSTERS!

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