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Swimming - 03. September 2007.


3m springboard: 1. Jingjing Guo (CHN) 383.10; 2. Yuliya Pakhalina (RUS) 359.00; 3. Minxia Wu (CHN) 332.80
10m platform: 1. Ruolin Chen (CHN) 433.30; 2. Xin Wang (CHN) 388.00; 3. Emilie Heymans (CAN) 356.55
3m springboard synchro: 1. Minxia Wu/Jingjing Guo (CHN) 340.20; 2. Anastasia Pozdnyakova/Yuliya Pakhalina (RUS) 306.54; 3. Katja Dieckow/Nora Subschinski (GER) 286.20
10m platform synchro: 1. Xin Wang/Ruolin Chen (CHN) 352.08; 2. Emilie Heymans/Marie-Eve Marleau (CAN) 330.84; 3. Briony Cole/Melissa Wu (AUS) 309.54

A total of US$ 480,000 will be distributed as prize money for the FINA Diving World Series 2007, comprising US$ 96,000 per meet and US$ 192,000 after the conclusion of the three legs of the competition.


Photo credited to FINA.org. 

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