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Athletics - 13. December 2010.

Fighter Heather comes through gruelling conditions in France

Ultra Distance International Runner Heather Foundling-Hawker has just returned from France after competing in two races in four days to gain Qualification for the Great Britain and England 24 hour squads. Heather had a target of 180km/112 miles for the England Team and 200km/125 Miles to make the Great Britain squad as an individual.

Fighter Heather comes through gruelling conditions in France

The distances had to be met by Dec 31st 2010 and with only two races planned in Europe before the deadline, Heather went to Monaco first and had a Invitation for run a 48hr race 4 days later in Evreux France.


First stop to gain Qualification was the warm climate of the South of France Monaco, except unusually the temperatures were just like England. -2 degrees sleet, snow and heavy rain combined with bitter winds. 

At 08:00 Sat 27th Nov the race started. The stormy conditions had an affect on the Athletes and after covering 90 miles after 20 hours, Qualification was not to be achieved as Heather was suffering from sick and giddiness. Not wanting hypothermia and aware of a chance to qualify 4 days later, Heather opted to stop finishing 3rd.


Heather arrived home on Sunday tired and after a quick turn around of washing and treating her legs and feet left for the only the race left to gain the required distance . It was an Invitation Only Race being held for the top European Ultra Runners in Evreux, Normandy France.


A Flight booked to Paris on Wed 01st  to make the start at 14:00 on Thursday 02nd and Heather was in the race with the pressure of knowing it was last opportunity .The course was a 160 meter loop in a Old Warehouse it was physically and mentally demanding. Heather was crewing for herself which made it harder as no one was there to prepare her drinks and food needed to fuel her daunting challenge. But like that of a pearl with true grit and determination

Heather rose to the challenge and did it.


What a fantastic performance after running 90 miles on Sunday, Heather ran 125 Miles in 23 hrs 58 minutes and 07 seconds to make the England and Great Britain Team for 2011. Heather ran 100 miles in 20 hrs 07 mins Gained commonwealth distance for England in 21hrs and individual selection for world 24hr of 200km / 125miles non stop in 23hrs 58mins and 07 seconds.

Well done Heather.

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