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Netball - 07. February 2011.

Fiat Netball Super League Weekend Update

Sir David Wallace Centre, University of Loughborough.
16:00 Saturday, 5th February, 2011.

Hertfordshire Mavericks doubled their points tally with a FIAT Netball 
Superleague 3rd Round win at Loughborough Lightning in a game both 
teams will be able to use as a learning tool.  It was a good game for 
fans of defensive netball.

Fiat Netball Super League 2011

Mavericks GS Louisa Brownfield was the most successful of the shooting 
staff landing 76% of her shots, for the rest it was not a day to put 
in the scrapbook.  It was a different story at the other end.

The visitors defensive duo of Guscoth and Keable used all four 
quarters to improve their working relationship, which is coming on 
nicely.  With Camilla Buchanan and Georgia Schmidt the Mavericks are 
building a strong back four.

Their coach Maggie Jackson was pleased with their performance; “I 
wanted them to dictate more than they have been and today they did. 
The extra training has helped, they are beginning to come together and 
were turning over good stuff.”

Afrika Morris, Alex Sinclair and Emma Bliss are also finding some form 
on the court and made it hard work for the visitors.  Olivia Murphy 
had another great game alongside former Mavericks WA Sophia Candappa.

Lightning’s failure to get enough ball to their shooters meant they 
were unable to keep up with Mavericks who take their second win in 
three games and prepare for Monday’s derby game with Surrey Storm.

Loughborough Lightning Rose Port said: "The game lacked consistent 
shooting from both sides due to persistent and dogmatic defensive 
play. Lightning need to define when to be patient and stay calm.”

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