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Other Sports - 01. May 2008.

Feet of Green are on their way!


1st May-Ice Blog
By Peter Herbert and Alan Chambers.


That time is nearly upon us. We have been to see the local police chief to get the final OK to set foot on the ice cap. All relevant safety details were checked and satellite phone numbers swapped.

We have stripped down the sledges yet again to try and eliminate more weight but unfortunately there is nothing more we can leave behind without compromising on safety.

The police chief has warned us of very low temperatures up on the ice cap and two Norwegian travellers have lost their fingers to frostbite this year already so has made it aware to us that the weather around Greenland is not normal and is causing many problems.

For us we still woke to rain - an awful morning and with very low clouds, visibility is poor however at 1500 today we aim to be able to set off for the insertion and pray the weather has become a lot colder and the rain has stopped.

Depending on our insertion time we will make a decision as to wether we start the very long and painful climb up the glacier tonight. We may just set up camp and settle for the night and then have a good full day tomorrow. This all depends on our time away from base camp. There is no point in walking for only an hour and getting all the eqiuipment soaking wet for the rest of the trip.

Once on our way we will send back the first tent report; initially we have many crevasses to negotiate so our effort will be focused on safety not making loads of miles.

It leaves us finally to say a big thank you to our sponsor GBMG and the support form Peter Kitson and his team plus ALL the hundreds of people involved in the project who have commited time emotion and effort to enable Peter and myself to set off later today.

So thank you to everybody keep an eye on the website and hope you have warmer weather than us!

All for now

Pete & Alan

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