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Football - 18. June 2009.

FA Womens Super League meeting

The minutes from Lord Triesman's meeting with Premier League clubs.

FA Chairman Lord Triesman addresses The FA Women’s Premier League Clubs, 22 May 2009 on the deferral of the Super League from 2010 to 2011

Key Points

It was with great regret that The FA announced a one year deferral of the launch for The FA Women’s Super League from 2010 to 2011.

As you are aware, we are operating in financially turbulent times, the extent of which we could not foresee when planning for the launch of The FA Women’s Super League. The FA derives most of its income from its broadcast contracts. These revenues are currently under considerable stress and as a result a number of The FA’s projects have been deferred, we hope only in the short term.

We remain absolutely committed to Women’s and Girls’ football strategy, ‘Championing Growth and Excellence’ and the development of the new FA Women’s Super League. We do not want to cancel important projects and believe that by deferring them, whilst waiting for the financial situation to become clear, we are giving them the best chance of success going forward.

Going Forward

We do not want the Super League to lose momentum. It was not our intention for the project team and those teams applying for entry into The FA Women’s Super League (and any partners) to stop working on applications. We encourage you to continue working and to contact us if you require any support, which we will continue to provide.

There is much that can be achieved by both The FA and those working on their applications whilst we wait for confirmation that The FA Women’s Super League is proceeding with its planned launch in 2011. For example: facility and club site visits, drafting rules and regulations, funding agreements, further clarification of regional catchment area and adjudication.

In answer to three important questions-

1. How do we know the league will not be cancelled or deferred again?

We cannot guarantee that this will not happen if significant commercial FA contracts and investment income is lost. We are planning for a 2011 launch and if this changes, we will tell you as soon as possible.

2. When will you be able to re-open bids and give us the certainty we need?

We will update you in September 2009, with the goal of re-opening bids in the last quarter of 2009, announcing successful clubs in the first quarter of 2010, one year ahead of launch.

3. Can The FA and the clubs meet to talk in greater detail about how we might address some of the unresolved problems which have been identified? For example, the importance and difficulty of attracting broadcast and commercial sponsorship, reserve league issues, facility issues, and the regional spread of clubs?

Yes, we will organise such a meeting as soon as possible for the interested clubs and confirm a date.
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