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Speed/Short Track Skating - 18. December 2007.

Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating –Erfurt (GER)


For the German ladies, there is plenty to celebrate. Anni Friesinger (GER) is on every podium, winning both 1000m races by a comfortable margin, and for the first time in her life making the podium on the 500m as well, finishing second behind the World Cup leader Jenny Wolf, also from Germany, whose speed made everybody else look bleak in comparison. On Saturday, Wolf won with 38.00 while Friesinger used 38.61 to finish second. Third was Annette Gerritsen from the Netherlands, 38.68. The next day, Wolf had a successful hack at the track record, and made it hers, with an opening of 10.27 and final time 37.88. This time, Gerritsen is second, but at a distance of 0.84 from Wolf, and Korean Sang-Hwa Lee is only 0.04 behind Gerritsen. In the ranking, Wolf has a firm lead, 760 points, over Beixing Wang, who has 520 points. Annette Gerritsen is third with 486.


Behind Friesinger on the 1000m, Chiara Simionato finished second, just ahead of Cindy Klassen, the first day. The next day Simionato was third, not because she was much slower than the first day, but because Ireen Wüst from the Netherlands had found back her timing that she said she was looking for earlier in the season. Wüst’s 1:16.11 felt like a victory to her. Friesinger leads in the ranking after four clear victories and two second places at the start of the season. She has 560 points. Chiara Simionato is second with 440, third is Cindy Klassen, 302, followed by Christine Nesbitt, Canada, 290 who was not racing in Erfurt.

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