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Rio Olympics 2016 - 29. July 2012.

Equestrian Round up from Day 2

As William Fox-Pitt rode last for the Brits today, scoring an impressive 44.10, it was clear the medals would be keenly contested, and that the leading Germans and Australians have fielded especially strong teams. All of our British riders have delivered strong performances with consistent scores – William’s test had some less than perfect moments admittedly, including a few rushed transitions and a babyish-looking flying change from Lionheart at one point, but the test was assured and relaxed on the whole – Yogi Breisner certainly thought so, rushing to congratulate William after the test.

Surprises of the day came from Japan’s Oiwa Yoshiaki, currently first with Noonday De Conde on 38.10, and Italy’s Stefano Brecciaroli, in second place. Both rode beautiful tests that caused the crowd to erupt with cheers.

Thanks to strong performances throughout Team GB, the Brits now lie in third place overall with Mary King in 12th place, William Fox Pitt in joint 17th, Zara Phillips in joint 24th and Nicola Wilson in joint 39th individually. There is still everything to play for with the much anticipated cross country day tomorrow.

Cross country starts tomorrow at 12.30, Nicola Wilson rides first at 13.02, Mary King at 14.02, Zara Phillips at 15.06, Tina Cook at 16.10 followed last by not least William Fox-Pitt at 17.14.


The top ten team rankings are as follows after the dressage –

Germany – 119.10

Australia – 122.10

Great Britain – 127.00

Sweden – 128.20

New Zealand – 128.20

Japan – 130.70

USA – 138.80

Belgium – 139.00

France – 142.90

Ireland – 152.10

The top ten individual placings are –

Japan’s Oiwa Yoshiaki

Italy’s Stefano Brecciaroli

New Zealand’s Mark Todd

Germany’s Ingrid Klimke

Sweden’s Sara Algotsson Ostholt

Germany’s Dirk Schrade

Australia’s Lucinda Fredericks

Germany’s Sandra Auffarth

USA’s Karin Donckers

Australia’s Clayton Fredericks

Mary King is in 12th place, William Fox Pitt in joint 17th, Zara Phillips in joint 24th and Nicola Wilson in joint 39th.
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