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Handball - 09. October 2007.

EHF Handball round up of the weekends Results

The 128th edition of the EHF E-News provides you with the links to the results of the Women's EHF CL Qualification Tournament matches that took place across Europe over the weekend of the 6th/7th October 2007.

The draw for the third round of the Women's European Cup competitions will take place on th 9th October 2007 at the EHF Headquarters in Vienna at 11am.

Women's Challenge Cup - Round 2: http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=269&rnr=2&pha=1140

Women's Cup Winners' Cup - Round 2: http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=268&rnr=2&pha=1163

Women's EHF Cup - Round 2: http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=267&rnr=2&pha=1095

Women's EHF CL - Qualification Tournament 2: http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=257&rnr=2&pha=1116
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