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Dyna Bands

I work as a personal trainer and am currently studying for a degree in sports therapy. When I first received Dyna-Band I was very impressed with the professional pack. It consists of resistance bands of different strengths and different clips which can be used for various types of isolated or multi-joint exercises and contains work out guides to follow.

Dyna Band is very clever piece of equipment which is light, easy to store and it’s portable.  Specific body parts can be strengthened and stretched with help of Dyna Band at your home or outdoors. Dyna Band is widely used by sports therapists and sports physiotherapists as a tool for rehabilitation as well as sports conditioning. It is a useful kit for athletes, people who play sport just recreationally, as well as for those who are just about to start exercising.

I believe that if Dyna Band were on sale in sports centres and sports shops it would become a bestseller.




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