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Triathlon - 13. October 2008.

Dibens is 7th in Dallas

I finished a disappointing 7th place in Dallas yesterday, and am now honing in on my last two "Biggies" of the year. I am now out in the US, spending a few days in Houston before i fly out to Maui on saturday. My In-laws have very kindly put me up for the week, and Mike has flown off to Seattle for worky work. I am looking forward to getting some good flat miles in on the bike this week (as that is all there is around here). It will be great prep for Clearwater though, as that is also pan Flat. Last year at Clearwater, i was really wishing i spend more hrs training down on my TT bars, so this will be perfect training. Maybe not so much for Maui and Xterra, but i have said all along this year, that Clearwater has been my no.1 focus.

I am also really looking forward to flying out to Maui again. I had such a great time there last year, and look forward to seeing how the off-road side in me fairs against the best Xterra chickies in the world.

So now its all about staying healthy, putting some more miles in the bank, and doing something about this pasty skin of mine.

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