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Golf - 28. January 2008.

Diana Sweeps The Board

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Ladies' section our club President, Anne Davies was voted in as leader for this year with Sue Selway as Vice Captain. We wish them and the new committee a happy and successful year.


The ensuing awards were dominated by Diana Gee who has had a magnificent golfing 2007. She features in six of the following results, taking the two available cups for these competitions,a stunning achievement.

Dot Grove also appears frequently as she too has done extremely well but being on holiday was unable to be with us to enjoy her day of triumph.

LGU Medal

E.Ward 296, Runner up S.Ritchie 305

D.Gee 288, Runner-up D.Grove 296

County Medal
S.Ritchie 219, Runner-up E.Ward 221

D. Gee 213, Runner-up D.Grove 219 (From C.Cole on count back)
Archer Cup
D.Gee 288

Florence Schofield Cup - Most improved golfer

Eclectic 2007
1 D.Gee 66.5
2 E.Ward 66
3 M.McIlvean 69

Bronze 1
1 D.Grove 66.5
2 H.Hoepelman 72 on back 9 from
3 R>Greenhorn 72

Bronze 11
1 L .Northover 73.5 on back 9 from
2 C.Cole 73.5
3 B. Weeden 74

Davies Cup - Best eclectic score
D.Gee 65
Birdie Tree
E.Ward won on points from D. Gee on degree of difficulty of each birdie
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