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Definity Protein Plus


Maxitone Definity shake 420g

Achieve a firmer, more toned body


•Definity shakes can help your body tone, recover and repair after exercise
•Help to reduce unhealthy cravings and keeps you feeling fuller for longer
•Definity contains naturally high levels of calcium. As well as strengthening your bones and teeth, new research shows that Calcium also supports weight loss.

Why buy

Definity Shakes are a great compliment to a well organised diet, helping you to meet your small regular meals. Rich in whey protein, a milk derived protein, these nutritious shakes will increase feelings of fullness whilst helping you to retain a toned and shapely body. Great for hair, skin, nails and immune function too, pick definity shakes to help you lose those last few pounds, tone your body and complete your diet. Suitable for vegetarians too.

When to use

Perfect to help bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, simply have one shake and a piece of fruit to support your metabolism and health. Alternatively add Definity Natural to yoghurts and smoothies to boost the protein content and take your cravings away.

How to use
Add a scoop of Definity in your preferred flavour to your maxitone shaker, add 200-250ml water, shake and drink.

Nutrition Information

Per 1 serving 30g (1 scoop)
Energy 120Kcal/497 kJ
Protein 24.3g
Carbohydrate 2.04g
Of which sugars 0.81g
Fats 2.07g
Of which saturates 1.23g
Sodium 0.12g
Calcium 150mg
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