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Cycling - 18. September 2009.

Day one in the USA - By Helen Wyman


I have arrived safe and well in Portland Oregon and what a place.  It’s so beautiful here and I really enjoyed my first day out on the bike and can’t wait to keep riding as I prepare for my first race in Seattle this weekend.


I’m trying to keep things as American as possible, just so that I can get a real taste of life ‘State Side’.   It’s my first time outside Europe and I want to get the most of the experience.  I’ve been really lucky to have some great support here.  Firstly, my good friend John ‘Salami’, from Elite Athletics World.  As well as giving me a place to stay, he’s been giving me tour of the town and pointed me in the direction of some great training routes.  Then there’s Dave ’Drummer’, pro mechanic, who has taken delivery of my bike and got it set up for me.  This has shown me that it’s not only in Belgium where you get full race support just because you’re a racer…….It’s here in the US of A too.






So Part 1 of me being American had to be a monster truck and the Dukes of Hazzard rolled into one.  So I headed out for some photos in my new kit and with my new bike to a cool spot nearby.  Having been told a monster truck is big, I had in mind what it would be like, but it was huge.  Anyway, it was great fun so thanks guys.


After the photo’s I headed out for a ride to try to get some feeling back in my legs after the travel.  I took a really nice route down a local valley and tried to keep things as flat as possible.  Its was great, saw a lot of massive American cars straight from the TV shows, a cop car and a whole row of yellow school buses just like in the movies. Every other house has an American flag its great!


This is the first outing for my new kit, and I can’t wait to get racing for Kona/FSA this weekend.  It’s around 3 hours drive to the race and it’s also the first time for me to hook up with my new team mates at the event.     


The next few days will involve some harder training rides and then some pre-race prep as the race approaches.  For the guys, I think the evenings will involve a lot more Karaoke, trips to Taco Bell and a selection of beers from what I am assured are fine micro-breweries from Portland. 


Thanks to everyone who’s supporting me this season for making this possible.  I can’t wait to see what the next few days of my American Adventure holds for me.














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