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Rio Olympics 2016 - 01. February 2008.

Dame Kelly opens new international rail station

The 2004 Olympic 800 and 1500 metres champion opened Ebbsfleet International in Kent, heralding the new Eurostar station just off the M25.

The new station will make greener travel to mainland Europe more convenient for those in Southern and Eastern England, and is intended to be a gateway for visitors to the 2012 Olympics coming from mainland Europe.

Eurostar and its partners London & Continental Railways and Land Securities today also announced the shortlist of internationally-known artists who are competing to design the £2 million Ebbsfleet Landmark, standing more than 40 metres high and putting Ebbsfleet International station firmly on the map, along with the surrounding Ebbsfleet Valley development area.

The five shortlisted artists are Daniel Buren, Richard Deacon, Christopher Le Brun, Mark Wallinger and Rachel Whiteread.

Richard Brown, Eurostar’s chief executive, said: "Its landmark will become a familiar sight beside our road and rail networks, bringing pride to the local community and future residents."

Eurostar expects business travellers will make use of the service and so it invited more than 50 business leaders on board to Paris for a "green teach-in" en route.

As an official partner, Friends of the Earth, was there provide expert advice to businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprints.

Eurostar journeys generate one-tenth of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by an equivalent flight, and under its Tread Lightly initiative, Eurostar has set a target of further reducing its CO2 emissions by 25 per cent per traveller journey by the time of the Olympics in 2012.


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