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Windsurfing - 12. July 2008.

Daida wins Wave Title in Pozo

A nail biting Women’s final witnessed a classic Moreno showdown, with Daida (North Sails) sparing her sister no mercy, to win yet another Pozo wave final.

Women’s Double Elimination

windsurfing daida wins wave contest in pozo 2008

Silvia Alba Orozco (MFC) proved to be a stellar opponent, mounting a spectacular four heat resurgence thanks her aggressive wave riding. The run came to an end when she came up against hard-hitting rival, Karin Jaggi (F2, North Sails), who took control of the airwaves with her sizable aerial artillery.

Jaggi’s downfall came when she squared up against Iballa Moreno (North Sails). The Pozo local and World Champion outclassed Jaggi, with a comprehensive routine that Swiss sailor couldn’t match.

In a carbon copy of the 2007 final, sisters Iballa and Daida went head to head to decide who’d claim the event. The explosive showdown was a tribute to the immense talent of the siblings.

A class above the rest, the heat was truly spectacular. Iballa took the early lead with a big pushloop and some solid riding, but Daida fought back with a floaty one handed backloop, a huge forward, and with confidence on the up, a crazy double loop attempt.

When the heat ended, the judges awarded a conclusive 5-0 victory to Daida, however; only a small margin separated the pair on each score sheet. The victory adds to Daida’s unprecedented run at top of the podium.
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