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Cycling - 29. September 2009.

Cross Vegas and a Steel Band



A disappointing 7th, but what a great experience.  That just about sums up my evening at Cross Vegas ’09.  I’ve never before experience conditions like this to race in and I know I’ll be more prepared next time.  A 7th place is normally one to forget but I think this is one I won’t forget.



The atmosphere at races here in America is great and Cross Vegas is top of the tree.  The support is massive for everyone and you feel really welcome and ready to put on a show.  I managed to lead the race, but the conditions got to me on lap 2.  Oh well, onwards and upwards.  It’s now back to Europe and World Cup in Treviso.


I never thought night racing would be my thing, but I won a night cross in Switzerland last year and backed that up with a win her in Star Crossed.  I’ll be back for more racing over here in the USA, maybe this season.  We’ll see what comes up, but I think I’ll stick to day time races for a while.  


I had the day in the bike show yesterday.  A couple of hours of signing postcards with my Kona/FSA team mates Ryan and Barry and then it was time to meet a few other sponsors and also try to fit in a bit of time to hang out with some cool people.


The guys a Schlamm were good to hang out with and it was nice to exchange stories of not being able to breathe during the previous day’s race with Dan.  Great stand, good sweets (Of course the chewy sweets make all the difference).


With very tired legs and heavy bag of sponsored products, I left the show to return to the Kona party.  Kona a cool crowd and to make sure everyone had a good time, they had a steel band playing at the poolside party.  It was a great night and everyone had a seriously good time. 


As for America, that was all I could squeeze in.  It’s now for the long return to Europe and time to try to get everything ready for the first world cup.  I’m sad to leave, but looking forward to seeing everyone back home. 


Thanks to everyone for making the trip possible and such good fun (Barry, Ryan, Dusty, Smiley, Joe CB Sales, Dave, Salami, Mr Burney, Dan, Mark, everyone at Kona, Giro, NACT, Schlamm and anyone I’ve missed…..you know who you are).












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photos Janos Schmidt 

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