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Cool Board Review

Cool Board comes with the board, balance disc, strength pro ball and exercise guide. It is a clever piece of equipment which is easy to use for people of any levels of fitness. Exercises can be easily adapted for beginners, intermediate or advance users. The main focus of the cool board is improving balance, proprioception and therefore it helps improve deep muscles in the trunk area (the core). Current research suggests that having a strong core has got a strong link to injury prevention and enhanced sports performance.


Cool Board can be used in rehab programmes where progressive exercise is the key in getting sports person/athlete back to full fitness. Cool Board can be used by any sports person participating in various sports disciplines which involve lower or upper body part as you can workout the whole body on the Cool Board.


As a sports therapist and a personal trainer I can recommend Cool Board for trainers, rehab specialists or people who like to keep fit. Vladka Juroskova (sports therapist and personal trainer)
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